Saturday, July 18, 2009

Developed Ideas

I have been working on exploring the design for this charachter. I've started calling him Char for short, since I am so bad at thinking of names. I have run into the problem of expressing emotions with only one eye and no eyebrow. Maybe I will incorporate an eyebrow because I really dont want to change the one eyed model...

I've been looking at Dali's "The Persistance of Time" a lot lately. This has been the inspiration behind my thesis idea. I want my film to have an art school look to it, yet with a practical/funny/entertaining story. So I have been mulling over working with this as inspiration for my setting.
I know that I can kill two birds with one stone if I incorporate my asian studies minor thesis with my animation thesis. That being said, why not include the LMU taiko group which I have been so involved with, and am actually going to be leading with my roommate next year? So with a taiko score written by myself I imagine Char wondering around in a foreign world that looks like Dali's TPoT, but instead of the telltale melting clocks, something with a more Japanese/Taiko theme.... What happens after that? Not sure yet...
Concept art on the setting coming soon! Or at least... next.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Charachter Concept Drawing

I have started thinking about thesis. I am about to begin my jr year and I want to get a solid head start on a large project that I am probably going to take on by myself. I know that I want to combine my animation thesis with my thesis project for my asian pacific studies minor as well as compose a score using taiko and have Shin Kanarazu Daiko (SKD) record it for me.

This is the drawing I made about a year ago. I have kept returning to it every so often wanting to do more with it. So I have been exploring this charachter in my sketchbook and try and develop him a little futher. Eventually I will have to name him as well... So more to come later! I have an idea, and I am working on it to see if its really something I can work with...