Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Basic Story Idea

I've been procrastinating a lot on my set design idea, but considering I dont have work anymore, and two weeks before school, that will be coming soon. In the meantime I have thought of a base idea for my thesis. So here goes:

Char (short for charachter cuz I have yet to think of a name) enters this foreign landscape. He wanders around lost, confused, and curious of his surroundings. Backround music is futuristic and desolate with a hint of a Japanese flavor.

Char stumbles upon, discovers a drum. Sleeping on it is a small black creature. Char invistigates and rouses the creature who jumps. As he does so, his bouncing on the drum creates a beat. Delighted at the noise, Char (using his head) mimics the tone.

Char and the creature go back and forth mimicig each others playing, thier notes slowly start to beat out the patterns of a song. The tempo picks up and an obvious song is now being played between the two of them.

Pan out to find Char standimg amongst many creatures all on thier own particular intruments (mainly drums) as they continue to play through the song (which I will write and have my taiko team record). The song ends and Char closes his eye in a happy smile. All the music stops.

Silence (possibly rushing wind) and Char opens his eye again to find himself in a new foreign landscape. Backround music picks up slowly as he wanders around lost, confused, and curious of his surroundings.

Sooo, that's my idea! I was really excited when I thought of it. Of course I was driving and was no where near my destination (work). So I kept repeating it in my head until I got there, then busted out my sketchbook and began frantically writing. Got a few weird looks... Anywhoo I think I might want to develop more of a chrachter arch and give it more story rather than just being a music video for a piece I've written, but we shall see...