Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A New Direction

After talking with some industry contacts of mine, i've decided to seriously cut back some of the material in my portfolio. I'm going to put up a new piece that is definitely my strength, but uses all the new skills that I have learned from all of these tutorials. And then create a turn-around reel with break-downs of the textures on all of my best pieces. Here is a link to my portfolio as it stands  now: .

Originally I was going to make my new piece a walk through of a city street. As I was modeling it, it became way too big. I was already cutting corners int he interest of getting it done, rather than taking my time on each piece. So I changed it to just a dark alley with a few pieces that I can really focus on. So far all i've worked on are the boxes. Here are a few screen shots:

I still plan to take these guys into mudbox and create a normal map of fold and wrinkles in them. I'm excited about this project and I hope it comes out as great as I am imagining!

In the mean time, the job search continues. Something is gonna happen eventually, and i'm not going to stop until it does!

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