Monday, December 12, 2011

What i've been up to...

So thesis is completed. Degree has been earned. What have I been doing with my life since graduation?

Well, besides getting a fun part-time job at a sex shop, I've been working on my reel on and off. In the 8 months since graduation I have added three new pieces, and touched up a few others.

First I made this piece to show off what I know I can already do, and do relatively well. I'm really happy with the way it came out. I just grabbed some random model from the internet and got to UVing. It was fun and I got it done pretty fast. It feels good to do what you love, do it quickly, and do it well.

Next it was time to challenge myself a bit. This was my first attempt at using sub-surface scattering to make a cartoony little girl. All of my other projects are more photo real, so I was trying to show that I can make something like this as well. I like the way she looks, but the way I lit it, she seems more doll like than I'd like. I definitely need to work on my lighting skills.

Finally I made this guy. He was a bitch to UV and even more complicated to texture. So many individual pieces! But that's what i wanted to get from this project. It ended up being more of a burden and less fun, and once again can use the help of much better lighting that what I can provide, but I like it. 

With these new pieces in my portfolio I'm hoping to land a job sometime soon. I had actually stopped searching/applying for a few months. But then an animator from South Park came in to my part time job after pulling an all-nighter to finish the season finale of the latest season. We spoke for about 20min and she gave me her contact info. She really inspired me to start trying again, and so I am.

My friends all around me are getting their first jobs, I feel like its my turn. Fingers crossed!

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